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Essential Oils Academy LEADERSHIP UNIVERSITY is a special series of Classes to help you train your team. We make you the expert while teaching and growing your Essential Oil Business.

You can use the Leadership University Classes online as Events or in your team Group. But we also make it easy to use these trainings in-home with our Free PowerPoint versions.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Prior to training, I used to set up playdates and make appointments with people without really letting them know that I was going to approach them about buying some Essential Oils. When people would ask me about Essential Oils, I would get so excited that I would just go into a mode of CPTG, LRP, PV, and all the science. I would just try to sell them right on the spot. After some training I began to realize that my approach was really about me showing my knowledge and not really focusing on my customer enough.

“As a stay-at-home Mom, now entrepreneur, I just needed to know what to say and how to say it. Our team has grown by leaps and bounds from just changing our approach. Now I set appointments, help customers in 40–60 minutes, and even sell right over the phone. One of our leaders enrolled the same amount of people in 4 weeks that she did the whole previous year. Now I can use this class and help empower the rest of my team leaders to do the same.”

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