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Now let’s take a closer look at each of the various business-building products offered by EOA, starting with our FULL-LENGTH CLASSES.

All our Online Classes are compliant, and easy to follow. Classes include text, images, Customer Guidebook, Teacher’s Manual, and a PowerPoint, which is great to use for in-home classes or webinars. All class material will be automatically sent to the PayPal email account you purchased with – click on the PERMANENT link in your email to access your Dropbox folder and download.

We have dozens of full-length classes. Find the whole list here -

• Basics Series – covers the ESSENTIAL topics every educator should be teaching on.

• Family Series – covers each family member and stage of life.

• 30-Day Series – get your customers into new habits with daily guidance!

• Specialty Series – for all the seasons of life, aimed at special topics.

• Health Series – we’re taking on the tough topics and giving you your voice back – compliantly.

• Around the House Series – because knowing how to take care of you and yours all day every day is important for toxic load reduction, and overall well-being.

• Recipe Series – for all the occasions to DIY.

• Animal Series – we love our furry friends!

• Seasonal Series – the cycles of the calendar bring special seasons and times of life.


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