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Prepare to have your minds blown.

You can build an Essential Oil Business online without using social media.

What if I told you that you could have all of your Essential Oils Academy Classes set up on your very own completely customizable WEBSITE?

What if this website had commenting and discussion interaction like Facebook, as well as the ability to collect customer email addresses, brand your site and theme colors, and even have a business blog—but would also be available at ANY TIME so you can send a prospect to enroll and take (right then!) a Class on one or more of the huge variety of topics that our Classes have to offer?

So, for example, if you meet a pregnant lady who wants to learn more about Essential Oils, she doesn’t have to wait until you hold another Pregnancy Class to get the full benefits of what Essential Oils have to offer her; she can attend a class INSTANTLY. Meet a pet-lover who wants to learn about Essential Oils? Send him directly to the Pets Class on your website. A mom with a special needs child? The Special Needs Class is waiting, set up and ready to go.

Whatever the needs or situations of your customers, they can take an Essential Oils Academy Class on YOUR website to learn more. You could even schedule TEAM classes each week: have your team attend a particular class and host a giveaway for those who participate.

Here’s a bit on how it works:

• Essential Oils Academy will set up your website for a one-time $50.00 set-up fee. In addition to the website setup, you will receive a FREE copy of our best-selling Essential Oils 101 (with setup, that’s a $30.00 value) already set up on your website and ready to go.

• We will also add Classes you already own to your website. Each Class Add-On is $10.00 to transfer all the information to your site. You will have your material to hold a class on Facebook, do a webinar or PowerPoint, etc. in addition to your class added to your website.

An Essential Oils Academy Class Website is a world-changing new tool for your Essential Oils business. By hosting all your Essential Oils Academy Classes on your very own EOA Website, you open up a whole world of new possibilities, and you eliminate a whole world of problems! For instance:

• No more time spent setting up Classes—Essential Oils Academy handles all the setup for you;

• No more waiting to direct a contact into a scheduled Class—Since your Classes are always up and available, you can have a new contact enroll for a Class any time;

• No more dealing with social media quirks and glitches—Classes are held on your website, not social media, so they don’t encounter typical social media posting issues;

• No more worrying about ending up in social media “Jail”—Since your Classes are not on social media, they’re not subject to those sites’ ever-changing rules;

• No more hassle of dealing with social media problems and frustrations—now you can focus on using the power of social media to promote your business. You’ll still create Events, and use social media to promote your Classes, but the Classes themselves will be located on your own website.

• NO MONTHLY FEES!—This is the most AMAZING feature of these websites! You can upgrade for better options, but it is not necessary.

Let Essential Oils Academy change your business and help you grow to the next level! Check out our demo site and see for yourself how beautifully this set-up will work for you and your customers – http://

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